Bulfleet General

Bulfleet General.

The Bulfleet General option grants you access to certain ingame features:

  • sms alert on attack towards you;
  • no adds ingame;
  • list of the available recycle fields in the surrounding systems - 50 in each direction;
  • vacation mode;
  • status menu;
  • advanced search menu;
  • no limits in the ingame messages;
  • alliance overview.

The first option allows receiving of sms-alert when someone sends an attack towards you. For more information, read this article.

The next option removes all annoying popups and banners ingame.

The vacation mode is a certain feature that a certain player can use at any time in some occasions. The non-Generals can run such mode via SMS or nanocredits. All Bulfleet Generals have access to a free vacation mode. Its length is at least 48 hours and maximum of 30 days. Mind that at the 14th day your account becomes inactive, and at the 20th day open for attack for all. At day 30 the inactive accounts are deleted. A free mode can be interrupted before the 48-hour term by sending an SMS or by payment of 100 nanocredits. When you stop your mode, refresh “Buildings” menu to start your mines production.

The news section of the game is very important. If you are BF General, you have unlimited news space and all your messages are kept for a 72 hours. Otherwise – 24 hours.

If you are curious how your teammates build their worlds, you have access to the Alliance overview. To use that option, you must be BF General AND Alliance general. Alliance General rank you can get from your Alliance leader.

With BG General status you receive access to a list of the available recycle fields in the surrounding systems - 50 in each direction. If you have enough recyclers and descent speed upgrades, you have the chance to get these remains into your storages.

The “Status” menu is a very useful for you in order to keep an eye of your account. That menu gives you the actual status of all your planets – e.g. resources, ships, defences, mines income, running ship and buildings orders, storage capacities.

Becoming a Bulfleet General.

The cost you must pay is 100 nanocredits. This is the price for a 30-days subscription.

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