Modalità Vacanza

The standard one, which is activated from inside the game, is free, but there's an extra condition. Once activated, vacation mode cannot be deactivated for 48 hours, unless the player pays 200 coins. There's another condition - there must be at least 48 hours between activating Vacation mode again.

You cannot go into vacation mode if you have an active support or camp.

Activation of the Vacation mode is free and its duration is 20 days. You can stop the Vacation mode before the 20-days period has expired for free but note that if you want to stop it in the 48 hours after activating it, you must pay 200 Coins.

Note that you can activate Vacation mode for the second time 48 hours after the first Vacation has expired.

IMPORTANTE: Durante la Modalità Vacanza il giocatore non riceve punti dai Castelli.

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