It is important, for every ruler, to have gold, apart from bringing prestige it also helps then developing a castle and training army. The Mongols gain 10% more gold than other nations, which helps them acquire it easier. This very important, especially at stages in the game where gold is needed a lot. Every army needs to have cavalry in it, Mongols train it more easily because they need 10% less time as compared to other nations. When in need to transport resources, Mongols are in an excellent position because their traders carry 20% more resources. Furthermore they upgrade their units 10% faster than others (doesn’t apply to veteran upgrade). Mongols are also able to steal 25% of the resources that the enemy has hidden in the shelter. When attacking the enemy’s wall can be an obstacle difficult to overcome. Mongols don’t worry all that much because their units receive a bonus of 20% on their attack when hitting a wall. This is one of the reasons why they are a nation excellent for surprise attacks that devastate enemies.

La nazione dà i bonus seguenti:

  • 10% in più reddito d'oro;
  • 10% più veloce addestramento di Cavaleria( Arcieri a Cavallo inclusi);
  • 20% più grande capacità dei mercianti;
  • 10% più veloce miglioramento di tutte le unità (miglioramento veterano incluso se pagato in risorse);
  • Ruba il 25% delle risorse nascoste nel rifugio nemico dopo un attacco di successo.
  • 20%danno maggiore di tutte le unità contro Muri;

Unità Speciale### :Guardia Chengiz Khan

L'unità speciale dei Mongoli– Guardia Chengiz Khan dà un bonus all'abilità esplorazione.

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