Bulfleet Widget

Sometimes you are unable to use a browser to play the game. Therefore the alternative is the Bulfleet Widget. It is a stand-alone program, which you must install on your computer. It provides constant information for your account activity without the necessity of a running web browser and hitting refresh al the time. It is based on Yahoo Widget Engine, which does not add additional load to your system.

Benefits of the Widget?

With active Widget you get:

- Presence in your account without a web browser. - In Galaxy menu you are shown as offline, but with Widget icon active next your planet. - The Widget changes its color in red if an attack is launched towards you, but only if you have a greater or equal spy level than the attacker. - You get information about all active flights, buildings, ships, defenses and research running tasks.

How to install Bulfleet Widget

Firs of all, download and install Yahoo Widget Engine. This is a program, that allows Bulfleet Widget to work. Download Yahoo Widget Engine v4.5 . After that, download and install Bulfleet Widget. Download Bulfleet Widget v1.0. The next step is the widget activation in the game through the Widget menu. The price you pay is 45 nanocredits for a 15 days term. Now start the widget, chose your universe and login with your user and password.

The Widget may not work correctly if your name contains special characters like ! @ # & * ( ) - ` ~ + = ? / { : ; | } [ “] % $ _ or intervals (e.g. User_12, User12, User 12 – nicknames like these cannot use the Widget).


Yahoo Widget Engine and Bulfleet Widget contain no malicious code, spyware and viruses.

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