Diamonds are the premium currency in the game. They can be received in several ways – by sending an SMS, through PayPal or via credit card, recruiting friends (you will receive 10% of the Diamonds purchased by the users you have invited to Lady Popular) or playing in the Mystery boutique.

Diamonds are not required to play the game. The pet (adopting a pet costs 200 diamonds) and the apartment (apartments are available for rent also as the rent is in dollars, not in Diamonds) are the two things that cannot be bought in any other way except with Diamonds.

Diamonds can be traded for dollars.

1 Diamond = 90 dollars

You can receive Diamonds by two methods:

  • Buying them from the Bank;
  • Earning them using the free methods.

Note that if you don’t receive the Diamonds earned through some of the Free methods you must contact the support team of the corresponding method.

Note: Lady Popular is a free online game; you are not obliged to purchase any diamonds.

If according to the definitions of your country's laws you are a minor (this usually means under 14/16 years) you MUST get your parents’ permission before buying Diamonds from the Bank or activating the Premium account. If you neglect or otherwise break this rule, that can lead to a punishment of the gaming account.

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