It's time for fun and what is better than spending some time dancing or meeting friends, sharing the latest gossip :) Dancing will bring you points and help you lose weight. Remember that dancing is exhausting – your Lady will get thirsty, tired and dirty.

You can choose whether you want to dance for 15 or 30 minutes. In addition to dancing, you can also flirt at the Club. Flirting is fun, but remember that love is built upon trust and understanding; the frequent changing of boyfriends does not lead to anything good.

If your Lady is single, she can flirt - one never knows when she will meet her soul mate. If she is involved with someone, but he doesn't meet her standards, she can break up with him so that they can both be free to find their soul mate elsewhere. Remember - you can try to break up with your current boyfriend or to find a new one once per day only.

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