The main ranking however for all Ladies is the Podium which is a weekly ranking of popularity.

This type of ranking is based on the votes each Lady has been given by the other players in the game for the current week. All Ladies under level 10 are not allowed to vote for the other Ladies. A Lady cannot vote for herself. Voting is limited to once per day.

The ratings available for the vote are from -2 to 3 (-1 to 4 if a talent is activated) so you can give a negative vote if you don’t like a Lady’s outfit. There may be Ladies with negative rating.

Each week the 3 Ladies having the highest rating for the particular week are placed on the Podium for seven days until the next weekly ranking is formed. They receive unique crowns that cannot be obtained in any other way, statuettes (shown on the Lady’s profile page) and the following awards:

1st place:

Golden Crown

  • Golden Crown
  • Golden Statuette
  • 15 000 Lady Dollars

2nd place:

Silver Crown

  • Silver Crown
  • Silver Statuette
  • 12 000 Lady Dollars.

3rd place:

Bronze Crown

  • Bronze Crown
  • Bronze Statuette
  • 10 000 Lady Dollars.

Once a Lady has become first, second or third on the podium, she can’t get the same prize again even if she has gathered enough rating for that prize – the next Lady in the ranking will. Once a Lady wins all three awards at the podium (gold, silver and bronze) voting for her is not available any more.

Below the three winners in the Podium you can see:

  • Podium rankings – the top 20 Ladies ranked by the ratings they have gained;
  • Positive voters – the top 10 Ladies that have voted positive;
  • Negative voters – the top 10 Ladies that have voted negative.

The ranking is done every Wednesday afternoon – the votes are reset and the voting for the next week starts.

This type of ranking is accessible through the Podium button on each page as well as the Rankings link on the top of each page.

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