Your Lady needs to go to work to feel herself well and independent by earning the money she need to keep her lifestyle. In order to start working your Lady must finish a training course first. It will give her all the things she needs to know about doing her job and will turn her into a real high-skilled professional.

You can choose to start a training course according to your level and the IQ of your Lady. When the training course is started, your Lady is not allowed to go to work until the course has been finished. The courses can be temporary stopped and continued whenever you want without paying extra money. When the course has been stopped it continues from the moment it has been stopped.

To start a course, go to the City > Employment Agency > Courses.

You can choose the duration of your Lady's working day but remember that the full-time job will bring her full salary.

Going to work decreases the Lady's Hygiene and Energy and increases the Lady's Money by different amounts depending on the working day duration.

To start working, go the City > Employment Agency > Jobs. You can also use the shortcut to your office: just go to the City > My job.

For full list of the training courses available, go to Jobs.

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