Premium account

The Premium account gives you the following opportunities:

  • You can activate three actions to be carried out consecutively (1 action for Non-Premium users);
  • You can buy and store in “My Items” up to 20 products from the Market at a time (5 products for Non-Premium users);
  • You can personalize the number of comments shown on your profile;
  • You can view additional statistics – for duels, games already played, activities, etc;
  • Your old messages are saved in your Inbox until you decide to delete them (messages for Non-Premium users are kept for 3 days);
  • A lighter interface, no ads, the option to create Hotlinks – a quick way to make frequently used menus available to you with one click of the mouse.

There are different Premium packages so choose the one that best suits you:

  • 100 Diamonds for 1 month;
  • 175 Diamonds for 2 months (+ 5 days bonus);
  • 250 Diamonds for 3 months (+ 10 days bonus);
  • 400 Diamonds for 6 months (+ 25 days bonus).

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