Each Army, no matter how big and strong it is, sooner or later has to face a particularly irritating obstacle called Castle Wall which has a single purpose - to slow your offensive as much as possible.

Each soldier, who survived after a siege of an enemy's Castle, knows how awful is to be a target of various nasty things, such as: arrows, stones, boiling oil; and while he desperately tries to survive long enough to reach the enemy and it shortens him by one head.

Several thousands of Archers, hidden safely behind the Wall, shooting tens of thousands of arrows at your Army, may be a real nightmare. At such moments, siege weapons such as Ballistician and Ram are much needed. The Workshop is the place where you can produce all Siege Machines, namely: Trebuchets, Catapults, Ballisticians and Rams. Making these Machines is neither easy, nor cheap but the final result is definitely worth it - because they can at least partly ruin your annoying neighbor’s Wall or one of his new Buildings, which he is so proud of. The pleasure of seeing how, for example, the mine that your neighbor is building a whole month, spending so many Resources, collapses and becomes unusable, is incomparable.

If you have decided to besiege someone's Castle, the use of Siege Machines is strongly advisable, if not even compulsory. Extension of the Workshop provides more space for making new Machines, as well as more people to make them - something every wise ruler would appreciate.

Reduction of time is calculated by using this formula:

TT = (10*BT)/(L+10)


  • TT - time for training
  • BT - basic time
  • L - level

With upgrading the levels of the Building the option for faster training of Siege Units will appear. At the start of training:

  • x1 your Siege Units will be trained as long as it is necessary according to the level of the Workshop.
  • x2 your Siege Units will be trained twice as fast and will cost 200 percent more resources.
  • x3 your Siege Units will be trained three times as fast and will cost 400 percent more resources.

Maximum level: 15

Required Buildings:

  • Blacksmith (10th level)

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