Population is vital for a strong kingdom. It is, simply put, the amount of people that live in your Castle. People needed to become soldiers.

There are two types of Population:

  • Army Population – these are the people in the Army.
  • Free population – this is the Population that is left when you subtract the Army Population from the Total population. These people wait for you to benevolently assign them a task, so they can do their share in helping the kingdom.

Population is used for:

  • To train Units – every Unit requires a certain amount of Free Population to be trained. A sword and armor are useless without a soldier. After all we have to find someone to train and to send to fight.

Ways to gain Population:

  • Dwellings – population is gained by developing the Dwellings. A higher level Dwellings provides more room and thus more Population can live in your Castle.

The maximum Population depends on the level of the Dwellings. No Castle can have more than 50 894 maximum Population.

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