The wealth of a ruler is measured by the amount of gold in their vaults. Furthermore, gold is one of the main resources in KhanWars. Bulgarians are a nation which receives 10% more gold from their mines, thanks to which they have an advantage in gaining this resource, which at certain stages of the game is very important and sought after.To create a strong and powerful army different unit types are needed. Archers are a major part of every full-limit-army and their training requires an immense amount of resources. The Bulgarians’ archers are 10% cheaper, which is an important advantage, in terms of resources, when training them.Defense in an important aspect of the game and in the beginning is most obligatory. The Wall of the Bulgarians is 20% stronger which not only makes it more difficult to destroy, but also increases the amount of damage it deals. In addition this nation can hide 20% more army,than other nations, in the Tower. The Bulgarians are an excellent choice for new players as well as experienced ones.

The nation gets the following bonuses:

  • 10% Increased Gold gaining rate;
  • 10% Cheaper Archers training;
  • 20% Stronger Wall;
  • 20% Increased Tower Population;

Special Unit: Tangra priest

The Bulgarians’ ability to heal more units after a battle should not be underestimated either. Their special unit, the Tangra priest, is very important in battles, the unit ensures that more units are healed after each battle round, thanks to the bonus on the Healer skill.

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