The Castle is developed to level 1 by default and can be developed to level 10;

Developing this building gives the following bonuses:

Castle lvclan points per hourresources production increaseunit training speed increaseknight prestige gain increase

The required buildings for developing each level of the castle are as follows:

Castle lvlRequired Buildings
1No required buildings
2Blacksmith 4 lvl, Marketplace 4lvl Wall 4lvl
3Blacksmith 8 lvl, Marketplace 8lvl Wall 6lvl
4Blacksmith 12lvl, Marketplace 11lvl, Wall 8lvl
5Blacksmith 15lvl, Marketplace 14lvl, Wall 10lvl
6Blacksmith 16lvl, Marketplace 17lvl, Wall 12lvl
7Blacksmith 17lvl, Marketplace 19lvl, Wall 14lvl
8Blacksmith 18lvl, Marketplace 21lvl, Wall 16lvl
9Blacksmith 19lvl, Marketplace 23lvl, Wall 18lvl
10Blacksmith 20lvl, Marketplace 25lvl, Wall 20lvl

Other function of the Castle is the possibility to hire a knight level 10 in case you have not reached the maximum amount of knights for your account. By using the slider you can determine the amount of simoultaneous attack and support marches that you can send. The options are from 1 to 30;

  • Every level reduces the gain of Food by 0.5%

The maximum allowed number of Attacks + Supports Marches is also increased by Hero Items and nation bonuses of some races ( +20% more marches than the Castle workers allows for the current level for Byzantines, Japanese, Persians);

Amount of map objects allowed depending on castle level

The max number of resource mines and coin mines you can own is 5 per city. Castle building level limits the max number from 1 to 5 for each 2 levels upgraded. Note that the maximum amount allowed is the sum of the objects allowed for each castle you own.

Castle lv 1-2: 1 map location possible

Castle lv 3-4: 2 map locations possible

Castle lv 5-6: 3 map locations possible

Castle lv 7-8: 4 map locations possible

Castle lv 9-10: 5 map locations possible

Opportunity to hire an army from Castle, as follows:

Player level




Double resource / 25 coins/ 4 stars

80% up to 400 Population


Double resource/ 50 coins/ 8 stars

70% up to 1000 Population


Double resource/ 100 coins/ 17 stars

60% up to 2000 Population


Double resources/ 200 coins/ 35 stars

50% up to 4500 Population

The Army number is determined by the Army lost in a Battle as a Defender of a Castle in the past 48 hours (player hires the same type of Units as the ones they lost). When this option is used, all loss records are deleted. When a Castle is overtaken, loss records are deleted.

When a Castle's marches level is set, it applies to all the player's Castles.

Number of Attacks and Supports also applies to all the player's Castles.

A player can't reduce the level of their Castle if the player has more active Marches than the desired lower level of the Castle allows.

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