Battle Formation

The Battle Formation is the way your Units are arranged on the Battle Field. It is very important because the formation might make the difference between victory and defeat. To make a good Formation a player must consider a lot factors. For example, you might want to consider range when making your Formations.

The Formation is used to maximize the strength of your Army in Battle.

Each Army has its own Formation which could be changed by the player. The Formation consists of 4 lines with 8 fields in each line. It is possible the Defender’s formation to contains a 5th line because of a Wall. The Wall is always on the 1st line. Units in the Formation are ordered by their range and power. In each field there may be a different number of Units of the same type. There may be fields and lines with no Units. When all of the Units from the 1st line are killed the Units behind them move ahead by one line. When the Attacker’s first line is intentionally empty, the first line containing Units is considered as such. When the Castle is Conquered or Abandoned, all created and saved Battle Formations, in that Castle, are deleted.

To create a Battle Formation go to the Army Menu and click on the button labeled “Army order”. Each player can have up to 10 Battle Formations stored. Formations can be created, saved and deleted. One of the Formations is considered Default.

You can save not only Formations but also entire Armies. This means that you save the amounts of each type of Unit as well as their Formation.

If you decide to use a previously saved Army setting (Battle Formation + Unit amounts) from the menu where the Army to be sent is chosen, you can keep the amounts of Units, but change the desired Formation from the next panel (the one where the destination coordinates and Motivation are assigned).

For example:

If you've saved an Army containing 100 Pikemen and 100 Swordsmen they are in a certain Formation. You can still use the predefined amounts of Units and not use the Formation saved. The Formation can be changed on the next screen.

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