It is important for your lady to be healthy, so keep her clean, happy and satisfied and everything will be alright. Otherwise she will get sick. Health decreases along with the daily update depending on the level of your other stats.

Health is decreased by the Daily update by 10% when at least 1 of the following features’ stats are reached:

  • Hunger: more than 70;
  • Thirst: more than 70;
  • Happiness: less than 50;
  • Hygiene: less than 70;

Health is increased by:

  • Taking pills.

If your Lady has the following stats she will get sick:

  • Happiness: less than 30;
  • Health: less than 10;
  • Hunger: more than 75;
  • Thirst: more than 75;

If you want to continue playing with the same Lady again you have to pay 3000 dollars, or 10% of your points, for "treatment”.

After treatment your Lady's stats will change as follows:

  • Happiness: +50;
  • Health: +50;
  • Hunger: -50;
  • Thirst: -50;
  • Hygiene: +50;
  • Energy: +50.

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