My Apartment

After renting or buying an apartment or a house, you can walk around the rooms and arrange the interior to create a wonderful home for your Lady.

She needs a bedroom to rest; a bathroom to keep herself clean; and this aroma of flowers and birds chirping perhaps comes from the snug little garden, which is a place for rest and parties with friends.

When you change your home, you will find all your things in the new one but you will have to arrange them again. May be this time you’ll manage to make it more comfortable and cozy because you will have new design ideas :)

When you rent your Home, you'll have to pay every day its rent, and if you decide to buy a Home on your own, you'll have to invest some Diamonds. No matter your Home has been rented or purchased it will pay you back by adding points to your account.

Note that your Apartment/ House appears in the City only when you have one.


One of the most enjoyable elements of the game is certainly the opportunity to combine the clothes you have bought following your own taste and fashion sense.There are several clickable areas in the Wardrobe and we will try to explain exactly how each of them works.

Once you have bought some clothes from the Mall, they are all automatically moved to the Wardrobe. The room has several active zones that you can click to use:

  1. Earrings;
  2. Rings;
  3. Bracelets, necklaces;
  4. Glasses;
  5. Hair accessories - hairpins, tiaras, bands;
  6. Hats;
  7. Bags;
  8. Gloves;
  9. Scarves;
  10. Skirts;
  11. Dresses;
  12. Jackets, vests;
  13. Shirts, jerseys;
  14. Underwear, swimwear;
  15. Bras, swimwear;
  16. Belts;
  17. Socks;
  18. Pants;
  19. Shoes, boots, sandals;
  20. Accessories, masks, watches, wings, etc.;
  21. Accessories for your pet if you have one.

You should know that you are allowed to activate one object only from a certain zone. You can wear a skirt and a dress together, but if you try to put on a second skirt, the first one will be taken off. This restriction does not apply to zone 20 (Accessories) where you can put on more than one item at a time.

When you want to see all items you have in a certain category, simply click on the corresponding area. Immediately a menu will be loaded below the set containing all your clothing items from that category. When you click on the item you've selected, a small window will open prompting you to pick a color. Once you've clicked on the chosen color, the item will appear on your Lady.

Above the clothes list there are two links: "Strip the clothes of this category" – this link removes all the clothes from the selected category from your Lady's body; and "Close", which will simply close the box with clothes.

Note that you cannot remove the underwear of your Lady because it is her default view. But if you put on low-neck top or low-waist pants, it will disappear and will not be visible.

There are 4 function buttons that you can use in the Wardrobe.

  1. Save Outfit – This button will help you save your selected combination. When you are finished picking your clothes, press that button and type in a name for the outfit that you will later be able to recognize – for example "Blue dress with a short skirt" or "Business suit" and so on.
  2. Load outfits – This button will show you a list of all the outfits you've saved. Just click on the name of the outfit, and it will be put on your immediately Lady.
  3. Change Order – This button changes the sequence of clothes dressed. There is a default order in which your Lady is dressed (socks under shoes, pants over underwear, jackets over tops and so on). However, you have the opportunity to change that order as you wish. Pressing the Change Order button loads the list of all items used for the current outfit and allows you to change their order. Use the arrows next to each outfit element in the list or drag and drop the lines in the order you want the clothes to be shown. By using this option you can arrange clothes in different ways. Besides you can move the whole Change order panel to be able to see your pet when you dress it up at the same time you dress up your Lady. The pictures on the right shows the tie above the sweater. After using the arrows we have moved the tie below the sweater. It is that easy – just explore your imagination! But be careful – sometimes the results are not particularly beautiful, since not all clothes go well with each other.
  4. Remove clothes – This button removes all clothes and accessories from your Lady’s body so that you can start combining a new outfit. Note that your Lady wears underwear by default. The default underwear cannot be removed but when you put on low-neck top or low-waist pants, it will disappear and will not be visible.

Clothing for the pet

If you have a pet, a separate panel for its clothes appears. For more information about the pet's clothing options, go to Pets > Dressing up a pet.

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