Apartment contest

The apartment contest is a kind of a weekly ranking (similar to the Podium) based on the ratings every Lady has casted for her Apartment within a 1-week period.

All rules applied to the Podium, are valid for the Apartment contest too:

  • All Ladies below 10th level are not allowed to vote for other Ladies’ Apartments;
  • A Lady cannot vote for herself;
  • Every player is allowed to vote for a particular Lady once in 24 hours;
  • The ratings available for the Apartments are from -2 to +3 (-1 to +4 if the Interior designer talent has been activated);
  • Players cannot vote for Ladies who have won all Apartment contest awards;
  • Every player can win only once each of the 3 winner positions in the Apartment contest.

Note that the type of the Apartment (whether it is a Studio or an Estate) doesn't matter. When a player changes their Apartment they don’t lose the rating they have casted so far.

Each Monday the 3 Apartments having the highest rating for the particular week are placed on a Podium for 7 days until the next Monday when the new Apartment contest winners are formed. Every winner receives a unique statuette for their Apartment that cannot be obtained in any other way and the following awards:

1st place:

  • Golden statuette on the profile page;
  • Golden statuette available for decorating the Apartment;
  • 10 000 Lady Dollars.

2nd place:

  • Silver statuette on the profile page;
  • Silver statuette available for decorating the Apartment;
  • 7 000 Lady Dollars.

3rd place:

  • Bronze statuette on the profile page;
  • Bronze statuette available for decorating the Apartment;
  • 5 000 Lady Dollars.

Once a Lady has become first, second or third in the Apartment contest, she can’t get the same prize again even if she has gathered enough rating for that prize – the next Lady in the ranking will. Once a Lady wins all three awards at the podium (gold, silver and bronze) voting for her is not available any more.

Below the three winners in the Podium you can see:

  • Apartment rankings – the top 20 Ladies ranked by the Apartment ratings they have gained;
  • Positive voters – the top 10 Ladies that have voted positive (positive + negative);
  • Negative voters – the top 10 Ladies that have voted negative.

The ranking is done every Monday afternoon – the votes are reset and the voting for the next week starts.

This type of ranking is accessible through the Podium button on each page.

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