You need food and drink items to feed your Lady and keep her in a good and healthy shape. You can find everything you need - salads, chops, milk and tea, gym cards, etc. in the Supermarket.

The Supermarket is well-supplied and divided into 3 sections depending on the item types:

  • Food - here you can find different types of food for your Lady. There is a great variety of healthy and not-so-healthy but keeping the good mood food. Some of the items increase your Lady happiness but also affect her weight, others are just for not feeling hungry. So choose the most appropriate food for your Lady's diet to keep her in a good shape. But don't forget that the French fries and the chocolate bars have the special ability to cheer one's mood up from time to time.
  • Drinks - here you can find different types of drinks. A glass of water, a cup of milk or a bottle of fresh ice tea can do wonders after the long working day or the exhausting workout.
  • Others - here you can find items which your Lady cannot eat or drink but they could help her feel even better. This is the section where you'll find the pills when your Lady feels sick and you can buy her a fitness card to keep her in a good shape.

All items in the Supermarket are in limited quantities and the stocks are running low. Each product's quantity is shown within the image of the product itself (a). When you see the amount of a product is 0, this item is not available for purchase and you'll have to wait for a while until the Supermarket is supplied again (b). But don't worry when you don't find the item you are looking for - the Supermarket is supplied every day. You just have to wait for the next supply and check if the item you want to buy has been replenished.

To buy an item from the Supermarket just go to the store and select the category (1) from which you would like to purchase a product (food, drinks or others). After selecting the category, browse the offered products and find the items which are in-stock. Choose the quantity of the selected item by using the slider (2) to adjust the amount of the selected item. Click the Tick button (3) and that's all! After purchasing the items from the Supermarket, you can find them in your inventory - the My items section (4).

Once you have bought items from the Supermarket you should either use them or throw them away if you don't want to use them. Note that when you throw an item away, you don't receive your dollars back. To use the purchased items, just go to the My items section and click the product you want your Lady to consume. That's it - you successfully fed your Lady!

The maximum number of items you are allowed to buy and store at a time depends on whether you are Premium user or not and whether you have already bought some items that you haven't consumed yet. Premium users are allowed to buy and store up to 20 items at a time from the Market while Non-Premium ones are allowed to buy and store up to 5 items. You can always see how many free slots you have in your inventory when you go to the My items section.

Note that you cannot purchase more products at a time than your inventory allows.

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