Pet contest

The Pet contest is a kind of a weekly ranking (similar to the Podium) based on the ratings every Lady has casted for her Pet within a 1-week period.

All rules applied to the Podium, are valid for the Pet contest too:

  • The player must have a Pet in order to enable other players to vote for it;
  • It is not obligatory for the player to have a Pet in order to vote for other players’ Pets;
  • All Ladies below 10th level are not allowed to vote for other Ladies’ Pets;
  • A Lady cannot vote for her Pet;
  • Every player is allowed to vote for a particular Pet once in 24 hours;
  • The ratings available for the Pet are from -2 to +3 (-1 to +4 if Animal lover talent has been activated);
  • Players cannot vote for Pets who have the all Pet contest award;
  • Every Pet can win only once the winner position in the Pet contest (note that the Pet contest has only 1 winner, not 3 as in the Podium and the Apartment contest).

Note that when a Lady has more than one Pet, only the one she has defined a default takes part in the contest. The type of the Pet doesn't matter. When a player changes their default Pet its current rating is nulled (and not transferred to the newly chosen default Pet). If the player has never defined their default Pet, the Pet that has been bought first takes part in the Pet contest.

Each Friday the Pet with the highest rating for the particular week is placed on a Podium for 7 days until the next Friday when the new Pet contest winner is elected. Every winner receives the following awards:

  • Unique medal on the profile page;
  • 20 000 Lady Dollars.

Once a Pet has won the Pet contest, it can’t get the same prize again and voting for it is not available any more.

Below the winner in the Pet contest you can see:

  • Pet rankings – the top 20 Pets ranked by the Pet ratings they have gained;
  • Positive voters – the top 10 Ladies that have voted positive (positive + negative);
  • Negative voters – the top 10 Ladies that have voted negative.

The ranking is done every Friday afternoon – the votes are reset and the voting for the next week starts.

This type of ranking is accessible through the Podium button on each page.

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