Recruitment is the option allowing you to invite your friends and share the fun at Lady Popular. There are several ways to tell your friends about the marvelous world of Lady Popular (all kinds of invitations are available through the Friends menu):

  • E-mail – by sending the invitation through the “Invite by E-mail” button;
  • Signatures – by adding the chosen Signature in your forum signature or add it in some of your favorite pages on the Internet;
  • Facebook share – by posting the invitation on Facebook using the “Invite with Facebook” button;
  • Public profile – by posting the link of your public profile (the profile everyone sees when visiting your Lady);
  • Twitter – by posting the invitation on Twitter using the “Invite with Twitter” button.

Once the invited Lady creates an account through the invitation in the game (regardless of the invitation type) you will immediately receive 1 Lady Dollar. Encourage your friends to play and, in return, your will continue receiving Lady Dollars (in an exceeding manner) for every gained by your recruited friends during their development. Your reward for the recruited players will increase by 5 Lady Dollars for every 5 levels gained by the recruited player:

  • 1 Lady Dollar per every level from level 1 to level 5;
  • 6 Lady Dollars (1 + 5 = 6) per every level from level 6 to level 10;
  • 11 Lady Dollars (6 + 5 = 11) per every level from level 11 to level 15;
  • +5 Lady Dollars for each 5 levels.

Note that you will receive Lady Dollars only from the first 30 recruited in the current month friends. Besides the Lady Dollars you could get also 10% of all Diamonds bought by every recruited friend. And if your recruited friend manages to recruit a friend of theirs, you will get 1% of the “second level” recruitment.

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