Beauty salon

Every independent woman wants to be beautiful, elegant and well kept.

Here you will find a hairdresser, a make-up artist and a solarium.

In the Solarium, you can change your tan; the hairdresser can offer dozens of hairstyles, extensions and colors according to the last fashion trends. The make-up artist is a real master at his area so you can choose between different color lenses and select the look and color of the mascara, blush, eye shadows and the lipstick.

Your Lady will be given even more than she has imagined as she will receive points for changing her look. That is how the really good beauticians do.

Your visits to the Hairdresser’s and the Make-up artist are limited to 5 per day, meaning that you can change your hairstyle and makeup up to 5 times a day (each saving of the look of your Lady is considered as 1 visit).

And as we all know the frequent visits to the Solarium may be harmful for your Lady’s health and skin that's why you can change her tan once a day.

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