Gallery is the place where you store the pictures of your Lady and her apartment. You are a fashion icon after all so you need an album including the pictures of you and your pet dressed according to the latest fashion trends. Also, you can try to set the new trends in the furnishing and interior design by adding pictures of your apartment.

To take a picture of your Lady you need to press the "Take a picture" button and the photo will automatically be added in Gallery. There is also an option to include the Lady’s pet in the picture.

To take a picture your apartment you must press the "Take a picture" button while you are in the room you want to shoot. Note that you can include or exclude your Lady and her pet from the picture of your apartment by moving them to another room or just place them somewhere out of the camera (the camera shoots the current visible part of the room).

Under every photo there is the URL leading to it. If you don't need the photo any more or you don't like it, you can delete it.

You have 10 free slots for all of your pictures (Lady’s and apartment’s ones), i.e. if you have 10 slots you could make 6 Lady photos and 4 Apartment photos.

You have also the option to create Albums where you can combine and store the Lady and the Apartment pictures you have made. Just click on the Create album button and give a name to your Album (if you don’t name your Album its default name is the date when it has been created). You can add pictures to your Album and rearrange them in the Album by drag&drop. One Album can contain a maximum of 100 pictures. Every player is allowed to have up to 127 Albums as the first 3 Albums are for free and the player could purchase more Album slots depending on their needs.

There is always an option to purchase more picture and Album slots according to your needs.

For further information see Premium options > Purchase Gallery slots and Premium options > Purchase Album slots.

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