Real Estate Agency

To rent or purchase your home, you need to visit the Real Estates Agency to check out the offers available according to the Level of your Lady. You can buy a home or rent one – the choice is yours.

Choose the Apartment or the House that best suits you and turn it into your Home.

The Real Estate Agency will help you also when you want to leave or sell your Home. When you want to sell your Apartment/ House you have purchased, you will receive part of your Diamonds back depending on the time you have lived in that Apartment. If you sell your Apartment within 24 hours after purchasing, you will receive all your Diamonds back.

A list of all available apartments can be found here.

In the Real Estate Agency you can also choose the environment of your home - what you’ll see when you look out the windows and in your garden. All environments available are visible in the Location menu in the Real Estate Agency. You’ll see that some of them are locked but you are allowed to unlock them using your Diamonds or Lady dollars. Once unlocked, the environments can be used by the player.

Note that every change of the environment is being paid with 50 Lady Dollars. There are no restrictions in the number of environment changes every player is allowed to make. Note that when you change your apartment the last saved environment will apply in your new home and the environment applies to all apartment rooms.

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