In Nemexia, there is an option for each player to have sitters. Sitters are other players that can enter a particular player’s account, with their consent, and tend to their space empire. Sitters are not allowed to perform all functions, like the actual owner of the account, but they can make sure things are going smoothly.

Here is a list displaying what sitters are allowed and not allowed to do:

  • Sitters cannot send attacks to active players, but can send attacks to inactive players;
  • Sitters cannot see incoming Flights to any of the owner’s Planets;
  • Sitters cannot send Astroploatation flights;
  • Sitters cannot send Transportation flights to other players, but may do so to the player's Planets;
  • Sitters cannot send Pirating flights;
  • Sitters cannot send Colonizing flights;
  • Sitters cannot send any Flights to the Team planet;
  • Sitters cannot use the Trade center, Ship market, Bank and Auction;
  • Sitters can send Recycling, Espionage, Stationing flights;
  • Sitters have no access to the Alliance menu (alliance.php) and all its options - accepting, kicking, change info, change the logo, etc.;
  • Sitters have no access to the Personal Menu (options.php) and all its options - change of personal information, planet options, friends, ignored, notes, messages, etc.;
  • Sitters have no access to the VIP menu (vip.php) and all its options - VIP account, buying resources, Ozone layer, Instant building, Protection, Vacation, etc.;
  • Sitters have no access to the Notification messages;
  • Sitters have no access to the Administrative messages;
  • Sitters have no access to the Team planet;
  • Sitters can construct and destroy buildings. Can construct ships, defense and can research sciences and upgrades.

On the “Personal” screen, there is a link to the “Sitters” menu. From there you can send requests to another player to become a sitter of your account. From this menu a player can send a request to another player by typing their nickname, then the other player can accept or reject the request, if they accept it they become your sitter.

Under “Your sitters” you can see players you’ve sent requests to, whether they accepted it or still haven’t responded, when they were last online, their nickname and avatar. By clicking the button with a red “X” on it, in the upper left-hand corner of a sitter’s avatar you can delete the particular sitter.

Under “You are a sitter of” you can see players that have sent request to you, to become their sitter. When a request is received, you will see the player’s nickname and avatar. There is an “Accept” button, by clicking it you agree to be this player’s sitter. In the upper left-hand corner of the player’s avatar there is a button with a red “X” on it. By clicking this button you reject another player’s request, if you haven’t responded to the request yet, or you stop being the player‘s sitter if you’ve previously accepted the request.

To enter the account of a player you are sitting you have to click on your nickname available on the top of each page in the game. This will open a menu where you can see your nickname and the nicknames of players you are sitting. By clicking on the different nicknames you can switch between accounts. Before the nicknames of player you are sitting, there are icons displaying each one’s race and by placing your cursor on top of their names you can see their Total points. In the upper right-hand corner of the aforementioned menu there is a button that will transfer you to the Sitters screen.

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