Team planet deklaracja

Declaring a Team planet is the act of turning one of the Alliance leader’s Planets into a Team planet and thus helping the Alliance members to achieve the Game goal.

The Team planet can be declared only by the Alliance leader who must fulfill the requirements first and meet the conditions listed below:

  • The player must be an Alliance leader;
  • There must be at least 9 Alliance members – 3 from each Race (Leader is included);
  • The Leader must have at least 2 Planets (it is impossible for the only Planet to be declared a Team planet);
  • The Leader must have Government/Regulator palace/Hive at level 10 developed on one of their Planets (no matter which one);
  • The Leader is allowed to declare any of their Planets (except for the Planet which is considered main).
  • A sum of 5000000 Total points of the top 5 players in the Players ranking(regardless their Race and Alliance membership).

When a Planet has been declared a Team’s it is no longer only a player’s planet, but Alliance’s. That’s why the Alliance leader must have at least 2 Planets when they want to turn one of them into a Team planet.

When the Leader wants to declare one of their Planets for Team’s, they must go to the Planet where they have developed the Government/ Regulator palace/ Hive at level 10 and then declare the chosen Planet.

Once after there is already a team planet it cancel the requirement for 5 000 000 total points, even these points are not reached - the other alliances can claim their team planet.

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