Sojusz militarny

A Military alliance is a bilateral policy, which can be declared when there is no other active policy between the two Alliances involved. It comes into effect when it is accepted. The Military alliance shows that the Alliances involved intend to work together. When two Alliances have a Military alliance policy between them, the members of the two Alliances can't take military actions against each other.

  • The Military alliance comes into effect when it is acepted;
  • This Policy can be canceled by both sides involved;
  • This Policy can be revoked after at least 168 hours have passed since it comes into effect;
  • This Policy can replace another active Policy;
  • When this Policy is active members of both Alliances can’t take any military actions against each-other;
  • There is no limit on the amount of Military alliances that can be active at a time.

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