Recycle Drone

![][image_ship_11_thumb_1] Actually this ship consists only of a huge recycling system and an enormous warehouse. After a battle there are fragments left from the destroyed ships that the Recycle drone collects and can be transformed into pure resources. See (Recycling) In order to make room for the recycling systems, the designers had to overlook the engine bay, thus making it impossible for the ship to have powerful engines. This makes the ship quite slow. All ships get an equal bonus from researches for velocity, power and structure.

Purpose: Recycling, Astroploatating


Life18 000
Cargo40 000
Speed7 000
Fuel consumption120
Constructing time2700 seconds
Metal cost9 700
Minerals cost5 000
Gas cost2 500
Units cost1 Nox mind
Armor typeHeavy
Armor power3%
Upgrade per level


  • Shipyard at level 4
  • Fuel Cells at level 6
  • Ships Defense at level 2

Factory upgrades

This ship has no factory upgrades.

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