Battle report

Since Battles are subject to random factors you can never be 100% sure what is going to happen. That is why after a Battle you receive a report on it. The report shows what happend on the battle field.

The Report head shows date, time, coordinates of the Attacker, coordinates of the Defender, attack and defense bonuses of both players.


Premium players have an Analysis in the report, which displays a detailed explanation of the round. Which group is hitting which and for how much damage.




You can see how many rounds the Battle has lasted. In each round you can follow what ships are left after the previous one and how much attack power is left to both sides.

End of battle


Here is the most important information:

  • Total lost structure – calculated from all losses by both players and used to calculate the Recycle field
  • Winner
  • Recycling field from the lost ships
  • Remaining ships or defense
  • Chance for destroying a building or a Planet

Example Report for [Single planet][link_image_nemexia_br_single_planet] and [Team planet][link_image_nemexia_br_team_planet].

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