Your messages allow you to communicate and receive useful information from other players, from the game or from the Administrator.

There are different types of messages:

  • Personal – here you can view messages sent from other players as well as some important information about the player’s planets (Random events and Ozone level warnings);
  • System – here you can view your spy reports of other players planets and Team planets if you are the Leader of your Alliance;
  • Notifications – here you receive notifications about complete Achievements, expiration dates and auto-renewal of Premium Options; Note that your Notifications can’t be deleted and they are transfered after every Round Restart;
  • Administrative – here you receive messages, sent from the Game Administrator, regarding upcoming events and changes. Note that administrative messages can’t be deleted;
  • Reports – here you receive your Battle reports and battle reports of your Alliance;
  • Fleets – here you receive information about your fleets arrival, when a fleet returns to its home Planet, when a Stationing flight reaches its destination, when you catch or cant't catch an Asteroid, when you successfuly or not manage to reach Scrap field and when a Transportation flight reaches its destination and then returns to the home Planet;
  • Alliances – here players receive messages about being accepted or expelled from an Alliance. When you are assigned as Leader or when your Team Planet is ready; The Leader of the Alliance receives here also every alliance policy that is send to his Alliance;
  • Sent messages – here an archive of the messages you sent is kept;
  • Send message - from this menu you can send message to other players;

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