Team planet zones

On a Team planet, there are six Zones: 3 Resource zones (one for each Race), 1 Industrial, 1 Government and 1 Galactic zone.

The 6 zones on the Team Planet:

  • Resource zone for Confederation (3)
  • Resource zone for Terteths (1)
  • Resource zone for Noxis (2)
  • Industrial zone (6)
  • Military zone (4)
  • Galactic zone (5)

Each Resource zone includes:

  • Metal mine/ Metal bot/ Metal extractor (3);
  • Mineral extractor/ Mineral bot/ Mineral extractor (2);
  • Gas refinery/ Gas probe/ Gas incubator (2);
  • Solar panels/ Infrared transbot/ Solar absorber;
  • Nuclear plant/ Uranium bot/ Uranium absorber;
  • Hangars/ Vault/ Nesting grounds which have tripled capacity (a Team planet has 9 times the maximum Population of a regular Planet – 3 Hangar Buildings with triple capacity).

The Industrial zone includes:

  • Metal storage/ Metal depot/ Metal chamber;
  • Mineral storage/ Mineral treasury/ Mineral chamber;
  • Gas tank/ Gas chamber/ Gas bubble;
  • Factory/ Construction yard/ Mutation cocoon with double the robots;
  • Recycling plant/ Junkyard/ Recycling transformer;
  • Terteth facility/ Terteth facility/ Hypermutation cocoon with double the robots (1 for each Race).

The Military zone includes:

  • Laboratory/ Experimental Facility/ Overmind (common for all Races);
  • Starport/ Stargate/ Space Channel (common for all Races);
  • Shipyard/ Shipyard|/ Shipyard (for each Race separately).

The Galactic zone is where the 3Obelisks and the Supreme Starway Gate are constructed.

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