Defense weapons

Defense units in Nemexia have different weapon types. The three types are: Laser, Ion and Plasma. Depending on the type of weapon the defense units receive a bonus on attack from one of the respective sciences: Laser science, Ion science or Plasma science. Also note that different weapon types act differently on different armor types. For more info see (Defense reduction)

Here is a table listing all defense units and their respective weapon type.

1Ballistic turretLaserDefence MatrixLaserNox ArcherLaser
2Laser turretLaserLaser MatrixLaserLaser TissueLaser
3Photon cannonLaserPhoton MatrixLaserPhoton TissueLaser
4Ion turretIonIon MatrixIonIon TissueIon
5Plasma turretPlasmaPlasma MatrixPlasmaPlasma TissuePlasma
6Turret shieldLaserMatrix shieldLaserChitin shellLaser
7Planet E-FieldLaserPlanet MatrixLaserSurface ShellLaser

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