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In Nemexia, ships are the device thanks to which players interact. Ships are sent on Flights, in which they fulfill different types of missions. Every type of ship has certain characteristics which determine how powerful, resilient, fast, etc. a ship is.

Some types of ships have requirements, which have to be fulfilled for the ship to be built. Requirements like the level of the Shipyard (the Shipyard must be at least at level 1 in order for ships to be built at all) or researched level of a certain science(s). Ships also require certain amounts of resources to be built, they require economic resources (Metal, Minerals and Gas) but they also require another resource to be available – free Population. In the case of the Race Noxis, some ships require other ships for their construction. In this case the required ship(s) mutates, into the one being built, and is (are) lost. If the player cancels a ship construction process in progress, they will receive 40% to 60% of the resources, for that process, back.

Some ships have Skills, which give them special abilities.Every ship has a weapon, which is one of the three types: Laser, Ion or Plasma.Every ship has armor, which is one of the four types: Light, Normal, Heavy or Solid.Ships can be upgraded, in order to make them better.

There are 13 types of ships for each race:

Transport Ships
MegacargoshipBig CargobotMegasupplier
Pirate Ships
ScoutRogue fighterNox Darth
Battle Ships
BattlecruiserSpace ArmadaGhost
Death StarTitanQueen Nox
Special Ships
RecyclerTankerRecycle Drone
Spy probeSpybotNox mind
Solar satelliteSolar satelliteOrganic satellite

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