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Flights are one of the most important things in the game as they allow players to interact. Flights are groups of ships that leave the home Planet in order to travel to another Planet, Sun or Asteroid to perform a particular mission. All Flights must have at least one ship in them for a Flight to exist at all. All Flights, except for the Space trip and Sun attack, can be motivated for speed.

There are 10 types of Flight that can be sent from a regular Planet:

  • Transportation - ships sent to transport economic resources (Metal, Minerals, Gas) or Scrap to another of the same player's planets or Scrap (only) to another player's Planet;
  • Espionage - spy ships sent to another player's Planet to gather information;
  • Attack - ships sent to another player's Planet to destroy their fleet, steal resources, destroy building levels or even destroy the entire Planet.
  • Stationing - ships sent to another Planet or the Team planet, they stay at the destination when they arrive, they don't return;
  • Colonizing - colonizing ship sent to a field where there is no Planet, to create one;
  • Recycling - recycling ships sent to a field where there is Scrap in order to collect it;
  • Pirating - pirating ships sent to another player's Planet to steal economic resources or Scrap;
  • Astroploatation - recycling ships sent to an Asteroid to collect gas or Scrap;
  • Sun Support - ships sent to an attacked Sun in order to get in the way of enemies trying to acquire Crystals;
  • Space trip - ships sent on a pointless trip so they would get away from the Planet.

Flights have the following characteristics (they are all determined by the player and the info they input when sending the flight):

  • Target - these are the coordinates the ships are sent to; all Flights except the Space trip have a target;
  • Mission - this is indicated by the type of Flight; different Flights have different missions;
  • Flight time - this is the amount of time needed for the ships to reach their target; when sending a Flight to the same coordinates as the ones the fleet leaves from flight time is always 20 minutes regardless of ship speed and Sciences that increase ship speed (these flight times are reduced only by Motivation or if the game Universe is accelerated; they can be increaced if the player reduces the pace of the flight); the maximum flight time of a Space Trip is 11 hours 59 minutes (in one direction);
  • Fuel - all flights need fuel for the ships; the amount of fuel needed is based on the distance to be traveled (except for the Space trip, where the fuel consumption is always 100 Gas)
  • Ships - this is the amounts and types of ships sent on the Flight;
  • Amount of flights - there is a limitation on the amount of Flights that can be in progress simultaneously, the limit depends on the level of the science Radar systems; see below;
  • Return - all flights return automatically when they reach their target and fulfill the mission (except for Spy flights, which must always be recalled manually and Stationing flights which don't return at all). Every flight can be recalled before it reaches its destination if this is done the Flight doesn't reach the destination and doesn't fulfill the mission. Note that the Sun support flight can't be returned when there are less than 10 hours left until the Sun attack flight arrives.

The "Fleets" menu provides you complete information about your recent Flight activity. You can also use it to begin a new mission.

The Flight table provides information about your Flights. You can see the starting coordinates, the target coordinates, the arrival time, the return time, the mission type. If you clicking on the mission type link, of one of the Flights you sent, a pop-up window will show the count and types of the Ships sent. If you click on the mission type link of a flight sent to you, you can see the amounts and types of ships sent only if you have researched level 10 of the Espionage science.

Limit on amount of Flights simultaneously in progress:

There is a limit on the amount of Flights that can be in progress simultaneously. The limit depends on the level of the Science Radar Systems. At level 0 you can send just one Flight.With every additional level the limit of Flights sent at the same time increases by 1.5. This means that at level 6 you will have 161.5=10 Flights but at level 7 you will have 171.5=11.5 => 11 Flights.

Note that Espionage flights, which are in progress (the spy ship is actually flying to or from the Planet) are counted regarding the aforementioned limit.

Espionage flights, in which the Spy ship is at the enemy Planet, waiting for a report to be requested, are bound by another limit, connected with the Radar system science. The amount of such flights that can be active simultaneous is equal to:

(LRS + 1) * 1.5 * 4

Where LRS is the level of the science Radar systems

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