Game goal overview

The Game goal in Nemexia is to build the Supreme Starway Gate (SSG).

No one ever thought that peace between the races would be a bad thing, now, years after the great wars it is no longer a matter of race versus race. No one cares about honor anymore; humans kill humans, terteths kill terteths and noxis kill noxis. The mindless strive for power has twisted the relations in the universe beyond recognition. The once great three factions, the Confederation, the Terteths and theNoxis have all been reduced to small quarreling bands. Anyone is ready to ally themselves with anyone just to save their skins or to conspire against a stronger enemy.

All of this chaotic groups change their members all the time, anyone who is no longer needed is disposed of and anyone who is needed is wooed in any way possible so they would join the group. As a result of all that, there no longer are large governing bodies in the universe, only small bands relying on dirty tricks as to have their way.

The only chance for any one group to establish a large space empire, that can enforce some order in the universe, lies in an ancient theory, which claims that a super structure granting limitless power can be constructed. The so called Super Starway Gate is supposedly a transportation device that can send anyone to a transcendental place where they can achieve absolute wisdom and knowledge and along with them, infinite power.

Nowadays all groups do whatever it takes to get their hands on the Supreme Starway Gate, the only catch is that the SSG can’t be built unless all races work together. Each race has to build a very special Obelisksthat power the Gate, without any one of the three Obelisks the SSG can’t be built. The Obelisks and the SSG require some Crystals to be gathered by attacking and defeating whole Suns.

Now the only question is which ones will be able to write down their names in the Hall of Fame of history, by participating in the alliance which will build the SSG. When this is done there is a brief berserk confrontation called a Deathmatch. After the Deathmatch a new era dawns on Nemexia and the game Universe gets restarted.

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