Team planet management

When declared, the Team planet should be managed in order to develop and ensure reaching the Game goal. The management of the Team planet depends on the Alliance leader (who declared it) and the Alliance members who have been authorized to manage it.

The range of activities available for the Team planet management depend on the Ranks given by the Leader to the Alliance members. Note that the Leader should grant authorizations to their Alliance members in order to develop every aspect of the Team planet. Every authorized Alliance member is enabled to develop only the zones which they have permissions for. The following authorizations which can be granted to the Alliance members are related to the Team planet management (for the full list of all authorizations available, go to Ranks):

  • authorization to build in Resource zone;
  • authorization to build in Industrial zone;
  • authorization to build in Military zone;
  • authorization to build in Galaxy zone;
  • authorization to send attacks to Suns and other Team planets;
  • authorization to construct ships and defense;
  • authorization to research sciences;
  • authorization to overview all Team planet zones.

The Leader is allowed to grant or take away these authorizations at any time.

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