Ozone has two functions, if the amount of Ozone on a Planet is reduced it increases the production of Energy on that Planet, but if its amount reaches levels which are critically low, the entire Planet is locked.

Each Planet has 15 000 starting Ozone points that are reduced every day. Each level of each building reduces the Ozone by 10 points daily.

Note that Ozone doesn't affect a Team planet in any way.

Energy Production Bonus

The lack of Ozone gives a bonus to Energy production, because with less Ozone, more sunlight reaches the Planet (note that this bonus doesn't apply to energy produced from Nuclear plant/Uranium bot/Uranium absorber). Here is a table displaying the Ozone levels and the respective Energy bonuses:

15 000 - 10 0010%
10 000 - 7 00110%
7 000 - 5 00125%
5 000 - 3 50140%
3 500 - 2 50155%
2 500 - 1 50170%
1 500 - 75185%
750 - 0100%

Planet Locking

Lower levels of Ozone increase the amount of Energy produced, but if the Ozone drops beneath 100 the Planet is unusable until the problem is resolved.

Ways to gain Ozone:

  • Buying Ozone with the Premium Option;
  • Researching Ecology - each level of Ecology increases daily production of Ozone by 250;
  • Destroying level(s) of some building(s) - this actually doesn't gain Ozone, but reduces the amount of Ozone lost daily.

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