Szövetség logó

Every Alliance leader can buy a logo for their Alliance. This is a subscription service and only the Alliance leader is allowed to use it.

The logo is “assembled” from a few different components, for each of them there are a few options. The Alliance leader decides how many and which of them to use. The player can use the arrows, above every component type, to set which component is to overlap which. Players buy logos to differentiate their Alliance from all others. The Alliance logo is displayed on the Alliance info screen.

The logo can be edited at any time, without charge (only by the Alliance leader).

This option is paid for with Stars. The price is 10 Stars for a period of 7 days.

The player can turn on an “auto renewal” option that automatically renews the subscription (as long as Stars are available). Buying a logo before the previous logo period is up extends its term.

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