Signatures are used to brag about your progress to other players or even to your friends that still don't have Nemexia accounts.

Every time you recruit somebody (they click your link) you will receive Resources equal to one tenth of the resource gain per hour, on your default Planet.

Note that there is a limit on the amount of recruits that will grant you resources. You can recruit as many people as you like, but a reward for recruitment will be awarded up to 10 times per 24 hours.

To be able to recruit people you’d first have to go to the signatures menu. Open the “Personal screen” and click on “Signatures”, from there you will first have to choose the design of your signature. Choose the desired signature and click on “Save”. After doing so three fields will appear. They contain the signatures in the form of HTML code, BB code and a simple link. Any of these is then added to signatures or sent via e-mail or chat; the recipient (the person recruited) has to follow the link.

This will automatically open the Nemexia web page, displaying a message saying “You have been recruited by …”.

If the person wants he can click on “Play for free” button and register.

If you want to change the Signature image you need to exit and enter your account again. Then you can choose another image.

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