The Ship market is an intergalactic trade organization that manages ship trading relations between players. The Ship market also has a wide range of connections and can offer you a set of auctions, where players bid for ships, sold by an undisclosed organization. See (Auctions).

Trading ships for resources with other players:

The first way to trade ships is with offers. Pretty much like the ones at the Trade center. A player offers some ships for sale and defines a price (in resources) which they want for them. Than another player has to find and accept the deal.

Each level of the Ship market allows you to have more active offers on the market. Please, see table below for details.

When an offer is accepted, the publisher can take the resources from the offer after no less than 24 hours after it is done. If they don't take them manually, the resources will be automatically added to the player’s Planet 48 hours after the first 24 hours, or 72 hours after the offer was made.

Each player can sell their Ships for 0% to 20% of basic ship price. Resource points that are being added or removed are calculated from the basic price.

Note: Noxis buy their mutating ships for the basic price of the unit + the price of the ships needed for mutation.

If a publisher decides to revoke their offer, they must pay a 20% commission on the ships

For example: if a publisher is offering 5 ships, they will receive 4 of them back when they revoke the offer.

Bidding for ships:

At the Ship market there is an option that allows you to buy ships with Credits. See (Auctions)

This option is also available from the Bank screen.

Max level: level 5


Detailed table - Ship market

110 0005 5005001:32:00102
215 0008 2507503:04:00185
322 50012 3751 1253:50:003210
433 75018 5631 6884:47:305815
550 62527 8442 5315:59:2310520

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