Planet overview

Upon registration every player starts the game with a single Planet which is created at a random location and is assigned coordinates. The coordinates consist of three numbers - the first number shows the number of the Galaxy, the second one shows the number of the System and the third one shows the position of the Planet in the particular System.

For example: A Planet has coordinates 1:15:8 which means that it is situated in the 8thfield in the 15thSystem which is in the 1stGalaxy.

The Planet is the place where all processes occur - buildings development, ships construction and upgrades, sciences research, all independently from other players.

Every Planet (except forTeam planets) has three zones: a Resource zone, an Industrial zone and a Government zone (see Planet zones).

Planets can be:

  • Renamed - from the “Personal” menu, under “Planets” (see Planet options).
  • Deleted - from the menu Personal > Planets (see Planet options). Note that players cannot delete their Planet if it is the only one they have.
  • Destroyed - after a Battle in which the Attacker has ships that possess the Destroying Planets skill.
  • Colonized - sendingColonyship/Colonybot/Settler on a Colonizing flight to empty coordinates in the Universe.


The queue allows players to start subsequent constructions, upgrades or researches (see Planet queues).

Recent activity bar:

In the Planet view, when a player opens any of the three construction zones, there is a tab displaying the time remaining to complete an activity in six categories (as seen, from left to right):

  • Building development in the Resource zone;
  • Building development in the Industry zone;
  • Building development in the Government zone;
  • Science research;
  • Ships construction;
  • Ships upgrades.

When the player clicks on any of the six indicators, they are automatically transferred to the screen from which that particular type of activity is started.

Planet position and Energy gain:

A Planet’s position in the System affects the base amount of Energy each Solar Satellite/ Solar Satellite/ Organic Satellite supplies. Here is a table displaying the base Energy of each Satellite depending on the coordinates of the Planet in the System:

CoordinateEnergy (%)CoordinateEnergy (%)

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