Ship armors

Ships in Nemexia have different armor types. The four types are Light, Normal, Heavy and Solid. Different types of armor have a different effectiveness against different types of weapons. For more info see (Ship reduction) Every ship also has Armor power, this shows what percentage of the damage received will be absorbed by the armor (note that these are base values and they don’t represent any bonuses or reduction).

Here is a table listing all ships and their respective armor type and its power:

1Cargoship3% LightCargobot3% LightSupplier3% Light
2Megacargoship5% NormalBig Cargobot5% LightMega Supplier5% Light
3Scout8% LightRogue Fighter8% LightNox Darth8% Light
4Cruiser12% NormalInterceptor12% NormalNemesis12% Normal
5Guardian12% LightShieldbot12% LightAbsorber12% Light
6Battlecruiser15% HeavySpace Armada15% HeavyGhost15% Heavy
7Destroyer18% NormalGoliath19% NormalHornet18% Normal
8Bomber16% HeavyBomberbot15% NormalSporethrower17% Normal
9DeathStar25% SolidTitan25% SolidQueen Nox25% Solid
10Colonyship10% SolidColonybot10% SolidSettler10% Solid
11Recycler3% HeavyTanker5% HeavyRecycler Drone3% Heavy
12Spy probe5% LightSpybot5% LightNox mind5% Light
13Solar Satellite1% LightSolar Satellite1% LightOrganic Satellite1% Light

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