Parancsnoki hajók prioritása

Commander Ships (CS) Priority

From here you can change your game strategy, depending on whether you are the attacker or the deffender on single planet (1) or Team planet (2).

Note that only the Leader of the Alliance can choose the CS priority for the Team Planet.

Remember that your Commander ship will apply its ability only if it is choosen as Leading Commander Ship.

The Leading Commander Ship is the one that is on the first place in your priority menu if there are more than one commander ships on your planet or in your flight.The priority position doesn't matter if the Commander Ship is alone on the planet or in the flight, it will be chosen for leading one.

The Leading Commander ship for Sun Support flights is chosen from the player with highest level of his Admiral. If 2 or more players have same Admiral level, the leading commander ship is chosen by their Admiral Power. Players with high Admiral power define the Leading commander ship in each Sun Support flight.

Note that only 1 Commander Ship can apply its ability during 1 battle.

This is not entirely true for the Typhoon. If you have 2 Commander Ships in 1 flight and one of them is th Typhoon. If you choose the Typhoon as leading CS before you send the flight - it will apply its ability and will increase your fleet speed. During the flight, before your fleet reach its destination you can change the Leading Commander ship and then the 2nd CS will apply its ability.

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