Alliance points

Alliance points are also three types – Resource points, Battle points and Total points. They differ only in the fact that they are gained only through the Team planet.

Resource points are earned by spending economic resources. For each 1000 units of resources spent, 1 Resource point is awarded. This is so regardless of the resource spent. This is valid for buildings, defense units, ships, sciences and upgrades. Whenever a ship, defense unit or building level is lost in Battle the Resource points gained by constructing the particular ship, defense unit or building level are lost.

Note: Alliance Resource points are gained only from resources spent on the Team planet.

Battle points are earned in Battles. Both participants in the Battle receive Battle points. The amount of Battle points depends on the Resource points lost by the enemy (lost due to lost ships, defense unit or building levels in that particular Battle).

The Battle points are calculated with one of the formulas listed below, depending on whether you are the winenr or loser in the Battle:

  • The winner of the Battle takes Battle points equal to:

Y*√ (YX/2)/(Y-X/2)

  • The loser of the Battle receives Battle points equal to:

X* √ (Y-X/2)/(YX/2)


  • X - Resource points lost by the winner of the Battle;
  • Y - Resource points lost by the loser of the Battle;

When the Battle finishes with a draw, the same formulas are used and the player that has lost less Resource points is considered the winner (regardig the formulas only).

Note that Solar satellites/ Solar satellites/ Solar absorbers don’t give any Battle points.

Note that Sun Attacks which are unsupported don’t give any Battle points.

Note: Alliance Battle points are gained only from Battles at or sent from the Team planet.

Total Points of an Alliance are equal to the sum of the Resource Points and the Battle Points of the Alliance.

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