Team planet buildings

On a Team planet there are buildings, just like on a regular Planet, but there are some differences, which stem from the fact that the Team planet is shared among all Alliance members. The first major difference is that there are 3 Resource zones on a Team planet, one for each Race, in them each Alliance member (that has the proper authorization) can construct Building in their respective Resource zone. Due to that, there are three Hangar (Population) buildings on a Team planet. Each of them has three times the capacity of a Hangar on a regular Planet. The amount of Population on the Team planet is common for the entire Team planet. This means that a Team planet can have a maximum Population that is 9 times bigger (3 Hangar buildings with 3 times the capacity) than that of a regular Planet.

Furthermore, there are two Buildings that are in the common Zones (Government zone and Industrial zone) which are individual for each of the three Races. These are the Shipyard/ Shipyard/ Shipyard and the Terteth facility/ Terteth facility/ Hypermutation cocoon. Players from different Races will only see their respective Race’s Shipyard/ Shipyard/ Shipyard or Terteth facility/ Terteth facility/ Hypermutation cocoon, even if these buildings are built for the other Races.

The Factory/ Construction yard/ Mutation cocoon has double the amount of robots, as compared to a non-Team planet. Nevertheless, this building is common for all Races and there is only one of the three,

The Terteth facility/ Terteth facility/ Hypermutation cocoon also has double the robots, but there are three individual buildings, one for each Race.

At a Team planet some buildings can’t be constructed at all. These buildings are: Bank, Government/ Regulator palace/ Hive, Trade Center and Ship market

The most important difference is in the additional Galaxy zone. There 4 additional buildings are built; they can only be built on a Team planet. These are the three Obelisks and the Supreme Starway Gate. The construction of the Supreme Starway Gate is the ultimate Goal in the game.

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