Bolygó áthelyezése

This option allows players to move any Planet (of their own) to different coordinates within the same Universe. The Planet is moved along with all its buildings, ships, defense units and resources and all processes in progress (except for flights).

A Team planet can’t be relocated and the menu for this option is not visible when the player is on the Team planet.

This option can be used only once per 30 days per Planet. It costs 300 Credits.


  • The option isn’t used on the same Planet in the previous 30 days;
  • The selected coordinates have to be in a Galaxy and System which are visible through the Galaxy menu;
  • There mustn’t be a Planet at the desired coordinates;
  • No Flights in progress from the particular Planet, including Spies, hidden on enemy Planets;
  • No Flights in progress to the particular Planet, including enemy Spies, hidden on the particular Planets.

After the relocation no Attack and Pirating flights can be sent from and to the particular Planet for 24 hours.

To use this option go to the Premium>Relocate and use the drop-down menu to select the Planet which is to be moved and enter the desired coordinates in the format XX:XX:XX (for example 2:41:15).

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