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Have you ever wondered what to do with all the waste? I doubt it if anyone hasn't. Thanks to this building space waste has become a very valuable resource. See (Scrap). Once passed through processing, Scrap turns into a finished product that can be used immediately. The Recycling plant is able to process large amounts of Scrap, reaching speeds of almost 100 Scrap per second.

Each Planet can have one Recycling plant. Upgrading the plant increases its effectiveness and speed. Each level adds one more place in the queue for recycling.

Recycling is affected by the income percentage, which depends on the level of the Recycling plant. This percentage determines how much resources will be recycled from a unit of Scrap. It is important to note that there also is a random factor of ±5%, this means that if the Recycling plant is at level 1 (75% income) the actual percentage of resources received from recycling will be between 70% and 80%of the Scrap invested. For Example: if you start recycling 1000 units of Scrap you will receive from 700 to 800 units of resources.

After the Scrap is recycled into resource, the ready process can remain in the building for not more than 48 hrs. After that the ready resource is been dropped (added) to the planet where the building is located.

Note that if your queue is full you cannot add more places until you get your ready resources.

Max level: 10 level


Detailed table - Recycling plant

122 15014 5005 0003:03:007575%7
233 22521 7507 5006:06:008680%12
349 83832 62511 2507:37:309985%18
474 75648 93816 8759:31:5211490%25
5112 13473 40625 31311:54:5113195%33
6168 202110 10937 96914:53:33151100%42
7252 302165 16456 95318:36:57173105%52
8378 454247 74685 43023:16:11200110%63
9567 680371 619128 14529:05:13229115%85
10851 520557 429192 21736:21:32264120%98

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