Univerzum áttekintése

A Universe is the space where a group of players is allowed to create and develop their Planets and Team planets and thus interacting between themselves within the particular Universe. There can be an unlimited number of Universes in every language version of the game. This number depends on the number of players registered in the particular language version.

There are 3 main Universe types:

  • Classic Universe – uses the base times for development, construction, upgrade and research as well as the base resource income rate (as shown in the tables attached to every building, ship and science description), no acceleration modifier;
  • Speed Universe – uses all possible acceleration modifiers the values of which are between those of a Classic and a Ultra-speed Universe, possible modifiers are x2, x3 and x5 the speed ofa Classic universe;
  • Ultra-speed Universe – uses the highest possible acceleration modifier which is x10 the speed of a Classic universe.

These 3 Universe types differ in their speed and the starting days of every Sun which affect directly the Energy production gained by the Sun:

TypeStarting Sun days
Classic225 to 355
Speed60 to 100
Ultra-speed50 to 70

The speed of every Universe affects directly the following:

  • Starting Sun days;
  • Bonus Energy gained from the Sun (depending on its days);
  • Amount of days which have to have passed since the beginning of the Game round in order for the Mine examination Space adventure to be unlocked.

There are some more aspects which could be affected by the speed of the Universe, but it’s not obligatory for them to be changed in accordance to the Universe speed:

  • Resource income rate – the amount of resources every player gains for a certain period of time depending on the level of their resource producing buildings;
  • Flight time – the time needed for any given fleet to reach their target when sent on a flight;
  • Building development time – the time needed for every building to be constructed;
  • Science research time – the time needed for every science to be researched;
  • Ship and defense unit construction – the time needed for every ship and defense unit to be constructed;
  • Ship upgrade – the time needed for every ship to be upgraded.

Note that each one of these aspects can be changed (increased or decreased) separately in every Universe, but it will not change the Universe type, e.g. there may be a Classic Universe where only the sciences are researched twice as fast as in the other Classic Universes.

Every Universe is carried out in Rounds which have different duration depending on the time needed for one of the Alliances in the particular Universe to construct the Supreme Starway Gate.

Note that users can simultaneously play in different Universes without this being a violation of the Game Rules regarding Multiaccounting.

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