Team planet overview

A Team planet is the Planet of an Alliance which could help all Alliance members on their road of achieving the Game goal. It is the place where they are allowed to construct the Obelisks and then the Supreme Starway Gate.

The Team planet can be found only by the Alliance leader and can be developed only by the members whom the Leader has granted authorizations to do so.

The Team planet consists of 6 zones: 3 Resource zones (1 for each Race), 1 Industrial zone, 1 Military zone and 1 Galaxy zone. Note that every authorized Alliance member develops, on the Team planet, their respective buildings, ships, upgrades and defense depending on their Race in the respective zones. This means that if the Alliance leader does not grant authorizations to any of their Alliance members, they could not be able to develop the Team planet in the zones designed for the rest of the Races.

Besides the buildings and the ships on the Team planet, all authorized members are allowed to research the Team planet’s sciences which, in contrast to the buildings and the ships, are common for the Alliance. This means that there are no Race restrictions regarding the sciences research.

The same resources can be produced on the Team planet (Metal, Minerals, Gas, Energy, and Population), except for the Ozone, which is always 15 000 and does not affect the Energy production in any way. That’s why there is no option for researching the Ecology science on the Team planet.

Flights sent from the Team planet have the same characteristics as the flights sent from a regular Planet. The main difference is that the target of flights sent from the Team planet, representing military actions (attack, espionage, pirating), must be another Team planet only (or Sun, when Sun attack is started). Note that there are flights that can be sent from regular planets to the Team planet but this is possible only when the player is a member of the Alliance owning the Team planet.

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