Skills overview

Ship Skills are unique abilities that only certain ships possess. Each of them works in a different way and has different results. All these Skills are not developed, but are innate to certain ships. Here is a list of all ship Skills:

  • Shield - draws enemy fire from other ships on to ships that possess the skill;
  • Revival - revives a portion of the ships that were destroyed in the previous round;
  • Mega power - increases the attack of all friendly ships and defense units that don't possess the skill;
  • Freezing - gives a chance to freeze enemy ships, thus causing them to inflict no damage;
  • Splash Damage - gives a chance to strike targets other than the intended one with part of the damage;
  • Detonation - gives a chance to destroy levels of buildings;
  • Destroying Planets - gives a chance to destroy a Planet.

For more info on each Skill see each Skill’s respective topic.

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