Battle simulator

The Simulator is a useful tool used to learn about how Battles work. It is made in order for players to be able to see how good their chances of victory are, nevertheless it is not a 100% accurate as an enemy can always surprise you in Battle.

In the available fields, the player inputs, the Attacker and Defender’s Races, the amounts of each type of ship, the ships’ upgrade levels, the amounts of the Defender’s defense units and the levels of the researched sciences.

The Battle simulator has two buttons on the bottom of it. One simulates a battle using the information input. The other button clears all fields in the Battle simulator.

IMPORTANT: Battles in the Battle simulator are calculated in the same way as the standard battles in the game, but the outcome is not 100% accurate. We recommend that you try the same Battle more than once, so you can see more possible outcomes. The Simulator might show outcomes that are almost impossible to occur with exactly the same conditions in your real Battle. The idea of this tool is rather to get to know the Battle system in the game than predicting the exact outcome of a future Battle.

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